The operation

Vaginal plasty is is a popular plastic surgical procedure,most commonly among women of 20-45 years of age.The most common explanation of this increasing demand for this operation is cosmetic as well as big inner labiae can cause pain during sexual intercourse. The common feature of this problem is that the inner labiae (labia minora) are more prominent and sagging than the outer ones (labiae majora)but for many women this is cosmetically unacceptable.

Post operation

Post operatively the patient returns home the same day and a fallow up visit to the doctor is usally planned 6-7 days later. A mild analgesics are prescribed as well as a topical pain reducing gel to apply to the sutures prior to urinating. A local wash with tap water is recommended daily for approx. 10-14 days,antibiotics are usually not needed,and sexual intercourse is not recommended for approx 3 weeks. Absorbable sutures are used so suture removal after surgery is usually not needed.

Risk factors

The most common risk factors are bleeding or haematoma sometimes warranting haematoma evacuation but this is uncommon. Infections are rare if the op. area is cleaned daily by washing. Residual mucous tags are sometimes removed later using local anaesthesia if present. Numbness of vaginal scars is very uncommon and usually disappears within few months. Sometimes women complain of vague pains having sex the first few weeks fallowing surgery but this usually resolves within 2-3 months.