Welcome to our plastic surgery website

This website is intended to make information available to those seeking plastic surgery on the benefits, procedure, risks and complications associated with plastic and corrective surgery. It may also serve as a useful tool in helping you take the first steps towards determining if plastic surgery is the right choice for you.

Webpage objective

This site allows plastic surgeon Guðmundur Már Stefánssonthe ability to offer information on the most common surgeries offered by plastic surgeons. If you feel you need plastic surgery, your first step should be to click on the tab with the type of plastic surgery you are considering. Next, carefully review the questions and answers and try to make a sound assessment with those perspectives in mind. If there is no information on the website on precisely the type of surgery you are interested in, read the page on what you think may be a closely related surgery. If you believe plastic surgery could be beneficial to you, it is imperative to review and consider all aspects of the surgery, including preparation, the procedure itself, the risks and the time required in surgery as well as in recovery. You should continually ask yourself throughout the review process if you believe this procedure will, in fact, improve your life.

Why plastic surgery?

People have a wide variety of reasons why they seek cosmetic and corrective surgery; from minor deformitics that cause uneasiness to malformations that can alter appearance significantly. The cause of these flaws varies greatly as well, from birth defects to the result of an accident or disease. The commonality is that the flaw causes emotional discomfort and negatively influences self confidence and self image. There are cases where people have a tendency to exaggerate the severity of a physical flaw for which there is no reason to worry. However, many irregularities do justify the help of a plastic surgeon. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the surgeon to help the individual realistically and professionally to assess the abnormality and its true effect on the person’s life. In cases where an assessment of this nature leads to surgery, more often than not, it does improve the individual’s well being.